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20 twenty vision

What is the 20 Twenty Vision?

Real Life Ministries launched on October 18, 1998, so we are almost twenty years old as a church. Since the church started, we have been privileged to see what The Lord working with His people can accomplish in a short period of time. We have witnessed thousands of people committing to make Jesus Lord of their lives. Eight new churches have been planted in the last twenty years. Discipleship is now a topic that churches all over the world are once again trying to address in their local communities—all because God has worked through Real Life's unwavering vision to be the church that Jesus modeled for us.

Real Life Ministries had a decision to make. Do we become a church that rests on what God has done in the past? Do we continue to risk and stretch to meet the needs of future generations? For our leadership, the vision of reaching the lost in the future was the clear choice. We are calling this vision for all three of our campuses the 20 Twenty Vision.

Not only is 20 Twenty Vision the grade given for perfect eyesight, but it is also what we are calling this next focus as a church.

This vision is about where we are going as a church, and it is how our leadership has been led by the Lord to continue to reach and win people for Jesus for the next twenty years and beyond. This is the new target for our immediate future. We will put our energy and resources towards keeping what God has given us as essentials, and then we will shift towards these new targets with the rest of our energy and resources.

The 20 Twenty Vision is all about finding ways to be a church for everyone while also specifically reaching out to young families here in Kootenai County. We had to ask ourselves, "what is keeping younger families from joining Real Life now?" The research reveals what you probably already know: young families have been inundated with things that distract them from focusing on spiritual and eternal things. They are busy, and they spend a lot of energy not only working (both parents, usually) but also chasing their children. Our church attendance reflects the impact of this post-Christian culture. In 2004, 63% of our total church attendance was under the age of 35. Now in 2018, just thirteen years later, less than 50% are under the age of 35.

That percentage is not at a crisis level, by any means, as Real Life is still making a difference with a lot of young families. However, it does show a negative trend that we know, as a leadership, we cannot allow to continue without trying to make significant efforts to change it. We want to be in a situation where we are attacking this trend instead of waiting for the culture to change. The attack plan is the 20 Twenty Vision.

What are we asking of you?

1.   Pray about if the Lord would have you make changes that would allow you to help us with this project.

2.   Ask any questions you may have. Please let us know—we want to answer your questions.

3.   Pray about people you know who would benefit from or participate in our new sports and outdoors programming, and invite them!

4.   Continue to give and be generous, and help others understand why they should, as well. To give, go to