new children's ministry wing                                                                       

Our first phase of this vision is to build a new Children’s Ministry Wing close to the auditorium.  Before parents could worship in church, they had to walk all over our campus to check in their kids at different areas. Not only was it inconvenient, but it can also make many families feel uneasy to drop their kids off in multiple locations, so the parents of young families are going to like the extra convenience and security when they come to church in the future. The kids are going to love the New Children’s Ministry Wing with its two-story, indoor, themed play pavilion. For the first time in our history, the kids will have their own building intentionally designed and dedicated to helping them take their first steps in a lifelong relationship with the Lord. When completed, the Children’s Ministry Wing will be an addition to our facility that will encourage kids come to church again and again. Projected completion date : July 31, 2018


Sports fields

The next phase of construction will be to reach out into the community and make an impact on young families for Jesus. We know that one of the perks of living here is the close connection to outdoor actives. Youth sports has also grown in this area, and it has become a major priority for many families. Most of North Idaho’s younger families’ free time is spent on either sports or outdoor activities. 

Instead of fighting against the natural momentum for these activities, we want to be strategic by building something that will attract families to RLM. First, we are going install two artificial grass fields where we can host both a youth flag football league and youth soccer, along with many other activities to come. The artificial surface will be a draw for our community to get their kids participating on a first- class surface. Additionally, the artificial surface is far more durable than natural grass, so it will allow us to have longer sports seasons and more activities.  Projected completion date: July 31, 2018



A Fieldhouse on the corner of Horsehaven and Enterprise will be the cornerstone of our new Sports and Outdoors Ministry. The Fieldhouse is going to host our youth and adult indoor sports, including basketball and wrestling, with more indoor activities to come.

Our hope is that our Sports and Outdoors Ministry and our new facilities will be a place where we can invite friends and family. As we know, families that play together also do other activities together like starting to come to church. The leadership that we have, and the volunteers that are already committed to the Sports and Outdoors, look to build a great environment for kids to have role models and people to connect with Jesus and other believers. Projected completion date: TBD

auditorium renovation

Our third building phase of the construction is to renovate our current auditorium. For the past fifteen years, we have been worshipping in a multipurpose room—a gym that doubles as an auditorium on the weekends. With our new fieldhouse, we can move our gym to that facility fulltime. The renovation of the auditorium will be a better environment for sound and a more purposeful use of this space. This will become a venue our community can use for large gatherings. We already have the largest auditorium in Kootenai County; we want it to be the best quality, as well. After this renovation, we will have the facility space to develop a “Worship School” during the midweek as an outreach to our community and development of our Worship Ministry.

After the all of the construction and renovations are complete, the 20 Twenty Vision will be fully realized. The overall vision is for Real Life to reach into the community through Sports and Outdoors, along with our great existing ministries, to build new relationships with families that are in our community, and to invite them to come to church or to other relational environments that are here at Real Life. The changes that we are making to our facility will encourage these new families to make weekend worship part of their week. Eventually, these new families will start to have their own relationship with the Lord, which will change their lives forever. Projected completion date: TBD